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From Mark Robson <>
Subject Re: Cassandra users survey
Date Sat, 21 Nov 2009 19:17:55 GMT
We are keeping an eye on Cassandra with a view to using it in a large-scale
audit data application. Currently I don't think it does quite what we want
but I'm still very impressed with what it does do.

We're not yet at the stage of really properly evaluating it for production
use, but I have had a play but only with up to 4 nodes on VMs with little
data. To evaluate it properly I'd need to try it with a lot more nodes on
real hardware with a lot of data; this would require considerable motivation
from the business to loan me the kit (and spare my time from other
activities, of course)

I'd like to see

* More ideas / solutions for the load balancing problem (all my data goes
into a few nodes) - I understand this quite well but find it very difficult
to explain to others
* Bulk delete operations such as the proposed remove_range - or a method of
supplying a timestamp to delete rows after. This is essential for efficient
data purging.

But rather a lot of the things that I wanted from 0.3 have been done
already, thanks.


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