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From Ramzi Rabah <>
Subject Re: Cassandra users survey
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 22:34:01 GMT
We are currently evaluating Cassandra, and using it for a small
feature in production. We are only using the basic insert/get/remove
from the API, with a standard column family. So far, I like a lot of
what Cassandra offers, though I had some tough times with it.

* Version 0.4.2 seems very broken. Besides CASSANDRA-507 which is not
fixed in the v4 version, it seems that when you do significant amount
of deletes, and you try to restart the server, compaction fails pretty
much most of the time in our environment.
* Version 0.5 seems to be better in terms of stability from what I
observed so far. Some things that would definitely be very helpful for
us going forward:
- Easier way to replace a node that dies.
- Disk is not infinite so a way to say when you insert an entry into
cassandra, how long do you want it to be available before it is
deleted by Cassandra.
- Better monitoring tools. It's very hard to tell how heavily loaded a
node and the whole system is right now.

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