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Subject Re: Can someone provide a PHP sample for super column?
Date Sun, 15 Nov 2009 02:12:34 GMT

 Thanks Chris.

Supercolumn may not be needed but since it's part of the API I need to work it out - there
is no application yet, I need to know what we can go with Cassandra so that we can evaluate
what we can migrate.

I will follow what you mentioned and see how far I can go.


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From: Christopher McKenzie <>
Sent: Sat, Nov 14, 2009 4:34 pm
Subject: RE: Can someone provide a PHP sample for super column?

Sure.  But let me encourage you to think about your application.  Most ones I 
have ran into don't need supercolumns.

First you need to specify the column to be of the type super in the 
storage-conf.xml file.

There are a few examples of that.

Then when you use the api to construct things called the column paths, you just 
need to assign your supercolumn value.

It's actually rather straight forward with a decent grasp of the data model.  
The two most helpful things you can do in php is to print_r the return values 
and look at the thrift file...  can you describe your application?

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From: []
Sent: Fri 11/13/2009 10:21 PM
Subject: Can someone provide a PHP sample for super column?

Newbie to Cassandra, and don't know Java/Ruby/Python too much (can read Java a 
little), so PHP is my only solution for web.

Can someone show me how to write super column in PHP? I searched
but seems all PHP samples are for Column, and super column samples are
all in Java/Ruby/Python, and I don't know how to map them to PHP APIs.




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