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From Ian Eure <>
Subject Re: lazyboy: is it possible to get entire supercolumn family
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2009 06:17:34 GMT
On Nov 1, 2009, at 2:12 PM, kevin wrote:

> is it possible to get all the  super columns of a  supercolumn  
> family with lazyboy?
With the Record class, no. A Record is just a set of Columns, so it's  
either one SuperColumn or one row.

If you check out what I've been working on in ieure/master, there's a  
tool that will do what you want:

import lazyboy as lzb
lzb.add_pool('Keyspace1', ['localhost:9160'])
stuff = lzb.multigetterator(Key('Keyspace1', 'Supern1', 'user_id'))
print tuple(stuff['Keyspace1']['Supern1']['user_id'])

 From there you can inject the data into Records:

records = []
for (row_key, super_col) in stuff['Keyspace1']['Supern1'].items():
     records.append(Record()._inject(Key('Keyspace1', 'Supern1',  
row_key,, super_col.columns)

This may need some tweaking to work right, but this is the direction  
you should be going.

  - Ian

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