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From TuxRacer69 <>
Subject disk usage management and scaling
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2009 20:04:06 GMT
Hello Everybody,

I am trying to understand how disks are filled in cassandra.

If we run cassandra in a cluster of N (commodity) servers and each 
server has the same DataFileDirectories configuration


and with the same disk size, what should I do to never get a disk full 
on those servers?
Does cassandra scaling only me to act like follows:

I just watch the percentage of use of the partition containing  the 
/var/lib/cassandra/data on each server and if one of the servers returns 
a usage greater than a threshold (say 95%), then I just have to add an 
extra N+1 node to my cluster?
Will the disk usage eventually stablize a the average disk usage 'U' it 
was before the node addition to the lower value 'U * (N/N+1)'?
Is that that easy? ;)


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