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From Santal Li <>
Subject I am looking for cross data center HA solution
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 06:53:25 GMT

I am looking for cross data center HA solution for Cassandra.
I have do some evaluation with Cassandra's cross data center replication, my
test EVN as bellow:

  1. Deploy Node1, Node2 into data center A , and Node3 into data center B.
  2. Set each key have 3 replications ,  and using
"org.apache.cassandra.locator.RackAwareStrategy" for send one copy to remote
data center.
  3. If data center A was crashed, the data center B will have full copy,
our backup service in data center B will start, and connect to Node3.
  4. User will been redirect to this data center.

But Seems the RackAwareStrategy was not finished, some funtions was direct
throw out exception:

       public EndPoint[] getReadStorageEndPoints(Token token, Map<Token,
EndPoint> tokenToEndPointMap)
           throw new UnsupportedOperationException("This operation is not
currently supported");

Was this strategy not finished or I should using some other Strategy, or I
should do some coding work to finish it?

There was another way for cross data center HA,  how about add some kind of
action hook, which can catch all the Cassandra.Iface function call(insert ,
batch_insert , remove ...) , then send the call to another Cassandra cluster
in remote data center? If so, there will be 1 Cassandra clusters in each 2
data centers, and have a extra application replicate data between the two
cluster. I prefer with this solution, because it looks more simple and
uncoupled 2 data center, BTW, from the source code, it looks was not very
hard to add a hook for this purpose , how do you think about it? is there
anyone meet the same requirements,  can you please give me some suggestion.


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