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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: Got Logo?
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2009 03:58:30 GMT

I've watched evolve
and can't see anything approaching consensus. I can think of two reasons
for this, 1) it is subjective and tastes vary, and 2) there aren't any
logos that strike a chord in the community. I'm betting that in fact
it's a bit of both, so...

I propose we widen the field a bit and run a contest on I
am volunteering to setup and administer the contest, and Rackspace has
graciously offered to front the cost.

Once we've widened the field a bit, I propose we call a vote, but
instead of the typical show of +1s, we use the condorcet method

The condorcet voting system is ideal for this sort of thing because it
takes all of your preferences into account, not just the choice you
prefer most. Condorcet is good at finding the best compromise; it's
possible to have a winner that is no ones first choice, but is the least
disagreeable to the majority. Wikipedia has a decent page on condorcet
voting (, and there is at
least one online application that we could use

What does everyone think?

Eric Evans

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