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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject 0.4.0 beta1 artifacts are now being voted on
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 22:33:26 GMT
If you would like to review the artifacts while the Apache Incubator
PMC votes on them, you can find them at  After the vote (assuming it is in
the affirmative) we will push them to the mirrors and website.

Changelog (from CHANGES.txt):

 * On-disk data format has changed to allow billions of keys/rows per
   node instead of only millions
 * Multi-keyspace support
 * Added option to fsync before acknowledging writes
 * Scan all sstables for all queries to avoid situations where
   different types of operation on the same ColumnFamily could
   disagree on what data was present
 * Configurable LRU cache for key lookups
 * Snapshot support via JMX
 * Thrift API has changed a _lot_:
    - removed time-sorted CFs; instead, user-defined comparators
      may be defined on the column names, which are now byte arrays.
      Default comparators are provided for UTF8, Bytes, Ascii, Long (i64),
      and UUID types.
    - removed colon-delimited strings in thrift api in favor of explicit
      structs such as ColumnPath, ColumnParent, etc.  Also normalized
      thrift struct and argument naming.
    - Added columnFamily argument to get_key_range.
    - Change signature of get_slice and get_slice_super to accept
      starting and ending columns as well as an offset.  (This allows use
      of indexes.)  Added "ascending" flag to allow reasonably-efficient
      reverse scans as well.  Removed get_slice_by_range as redundant.
    - Similarly, changed signature of get_slice_super.
    - get_key_range operates on one CF at a time
    - changed `block` boolean on insert methods to ConsistencyLevel enum,
      with options of NONE, ONE, QUORUM, and ALL.
    - added similar consistency_level parameter to read methods
    - column-name-set slice with no names given now returns zero columns
      instead of all of them.  ("all" can run your server out of memory.
      use a range-based slice with a high max column count instead.)
 * Removed the web interface. Node information can now be obtained by
   using the newly introduced nodeprobe utility.
 * More JMX stats
 * Remove magic values from internals (e.g. special key to indicate
   when to flush memtables)
 * Rename configuration "table" to "keyspace"
 * Moved to crash-only design; no more shutdown (just kill the process)
 * Lots of bug fixes

Issues remaining for 0.4 (we expect to address these by beta2):

All issues resolved during 0.4:

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