2009/7/14 Johan Stuyts <j.stuyts@zybber.nl>
One of the purposes I want to use Cassandra for is custom HTTP session replication. Instead of storing the values in the session of the servlet container I want to store them individually using unique keys in Cassandra. I was hoping Cassandra would be fast enough for this.

Fast enough - yes. Consistent enough - probably not.

As it's a http session application, you really, really want writes to be visible from anywhere immediately. If you're using it for authentication (for example "keep me logged in for today" type function), then you'll need to get the absolute latest value from the session.

The user will log on and expect to be logged on immediately, and be able to switch to different web servers transparently without being asked to log on again.

Cassandra doesn't provide the guarantees about the latest changes being available from any given node, so you can't really use it in such an application.

I don't know if the "blocking" variants of the write operations make any more guarantees, if they do then it might be suitable.