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Subject How to answer queries of form "Give me the top 10 messages"
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 21:43:54 GMT
Hey guys
how do we answer queries of type - give me the top 10 messagesor top 10
users and so on

Example: SuperColumns for Search Apps

You can think of each supercolumn name as a term and the columns within as
the docids with rank info and other attributes being a part of it. If you
have keys as the userids then you can have a per-user index stored in this
form. This is how the per user index for term search is laid out for Inbox
search at Facebook. Furthermore since one has the option of storing data on
disk sorted by "Time" it is very easy for the system to answer queries of
the form "Give me the top 10 messages". For a pictorial explanation please
refer to the Cassandra powerpoint slides presented at SIGMOD 2008.

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