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From Sandeep Tata <>
Subject Re: cassandra slows down after inserts
Date Mon, 13 Jul 2009 05:37:23 GMT
What hardware are you running one? How long does the slowdown last ?
 There are a few reasons for temporary slowdowns ... perhaps the JVM
started GCing? Cassandra spends time cleaning up the on-disk SSTables
in a process called compaction. This could cause the client to observe
a slowdown.

Things you could try --
Reduce the Memtable size in the config files. (If GCing was the problem)
Increasing the number of SSTables written before compaction kicks in.

On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 9:16 PM,<> wrote:
> hi
> im using the default config from the svn trunk for everything: tables,
> column, supercolumn, single node etc.
> im inserting rows like this
> for u in users:
>         client.insert('Table1', str(u.uid), 'Super1:attrs:key', str(u.key),
> timestamp, False)
> after about 100k rows, cassandra completely slows down taking for ever to
> insert or get_slice_super. the commitlog is about 70MB in size.
> when i stop and start cassandra the logs are replayed and it is fast again,
> till it reaches the same point when it becomes really slow.
> is this expected? is there something in the config that can be changed so
> this doesnt happen?
> thanks
>     <Tables>
>         <Table Name="Table1">
>             <!-- The fraction of keys per sstable whose locations we
>                  keep in memory in "mostly LRU" order.  (JUST the key
>                  locations, NOT any column values.)
>                  The amount of memory used by the default setting of
>                  0.01 is comparable to the amount used by the internal
>                  per-sstable key index. Consider increasing this is
>                  fine if you have fewer, wider rows.  Set to 0 to
>                  disable entirely.
>             -->
>             <KeysCachedFraction>0.01</KeysCachedFraction>
>             <!-- if FlushPeriodInMinutes is configured and positive, it
> be
>                  flushed to disk with that period whether it is dirty
> not.
>                  This is intended for lightly-used columnfamilies so
> they
>                  do not prevent commitlog segments from being purged.
>             <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Name" Name="Standard1"
> FlushPeriodInMinutes="60"/>
>             <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Name" Name="Standard2"/>
>             <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Time" Name="StandardByTime1"/>
>             <ColumnFamily ColumnType="Super" Name="Super1"/>
>         </Table>
>     </Tables>

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