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From Harold Lim <>
Subject Question about cassandra (replication)
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 14:11:38 GMT

Hi All,

I posted a similar message on the google groups page. Hopefully, I'll get more feedback here.

I just started reading about dynamo and Cassandra and I am thinking
about possibly using cassandra for my system.

I was reading the dynamo paper and they mentioned about a preference
list for a particular key. Is this preference list configurable?

How does Cassandra choose which nodes are in the preference list?
Also, are the number of replica for each key/column configurable? For
example, can I set the replication factor per key/value?

I read that Cassandra has optimistic replication. What exactly does
that mean? Underneath the hood, how does cassandra maintain/detect the
number of replicas? Does it aggressively replicates an item, when it
detects that the number of replica of a particular item goes below the
specified repliation factor?

Is the replication strategy (when to replicate, aggresiveness, etc)
configurable too?



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