Hi all (long msg, sorry), 

My name is Manuel, I'm a PhD student and I'm trying to implement a distributed p2pDB using Cassandra.
I successfully installed Cassandra on a virtual linux box (after trying unsuccessfully on a OSX - jdk stuffs). Now it works (the output is compliant with the one described in the "README" file ).

Then I replicated the linux vm twice, properly editing the network settings in order to avoid duplicate hostnames/ip addresses obtaining the following network topology: -> linux01 -> linux02 -> linux03

Now I have some questions:

1. each "storage-conf.xml" should contain just one of the above ip-addresses (obviously not the localhost's IP address) in the <Seeds> section to let cassandra learn the whole topology? Or it must contain the whole list?
2. how can I see if the nodes of the cluster are "talking" (some logfile, ...)? (I supposed to find it into the localhost:7002 interface but i see just a host -localhost -  and I suppose hosts are not "talking")
3. What should differ between the  "storage-conf.xml" files of each node?
3.1. the "storage-conf.xml" of each node should contain the table structure to replicate/propagate the information of the data of a table? 
        <Table Name="Table1">
            <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Name" Name="Standard1"/>
            <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Name" Name="Standard2"/>
            <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Time" Name="StandardByTime1"/>
            <ColumnFamily ColumnSort="Time" Name="StandardByTime2"/>
            <ColumnFamily ColumnType="Super" ColumnSort="Name" Name="Super1"/>
            <ColumnFamily ColumnType="Super" ColumnSort="Name" Name="Super2"/>
3.2 finally: should I start a cluster with an empty DB or I can replicate an existing DB?

My doubt is due to the fact that the VM replication was made after the installation of Cassandra. 

I also submit a couple of errors that raised using the command-line client:

1. I tried to run the following from linux01:

$> bin/cassandra-cli --host --port 9160

Obtaining the following.

Exception java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
at org.apache.thrift.transport.TSocket.open(TSocket.java:184)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliMain.connect(CliMain.java:59)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliMain.main(CliMain.java:167)
Caused by: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect(Native Method)
at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.doConnect(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:310)
at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connectToAddress(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:176)
at java.net.AbstractPlainSocketImpl.connect(AbstractPlainSocketImpl.java:163)
at java.net.SocksSocketImpl.connect(SocksSocketImpl.java:381)
at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:537)
at java.net.Socket.connect(Socket.java:487)
at org.apache.thrift.transport.TSocket.open(TSocket.java:179)
... 2 more
Connected to
Welcome to cassandra CLI.

No connection has really been made to

2. $> bin/cassandra-cli --host localhost --port 9160

cassandra> show config file                 
Exception Cannot read. Remote side has closed. Tried to read 4 bytes, but only got 0 bytes.
org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Cannot read. Remote side has closed. Tried to read 4 bytes, but only got 0 bytes.
at org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransport.readAll(TTransport.java:86)
at org.apache.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readAll(TBinaryProtocol.java:314)
at org.apache.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readI32(TBinaryProtocol.java:262)
at org.apache.thrift.protocol.TBinaryProtocol.readMessageBegin(TBinaryProtocol.java:192)
at org.apache.cassandra.service.Cassandra$Client.recv_getStringProperty(Cassandra.java:696)
at org.apache.cassandra.service.Cassandra$Client.getStringProperty(Cassandra.java:681)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliClient.executeShowProperty(CliClient.java:211)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliClient.executeCLIStmt(CliClient.java:69)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliMain.processCLIStmt(CliMain.java:121)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliMain.processLine(CliMain.java:153)
at org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliMain.main(CliMain.java:187)

No firewall was enabled.