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From barakm <>
Subject [GitHub] cassandra pull request #181: CASSANDRA-13391 Added --all to ClearSnapshot co...
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2017 15:26:26 GMT
GitHub user barakm opened a pull request:

    CASSANDRA-13391 Added --all to ClearSnapshot command

    Added --all to ClearSnapshot command, so entering the command without a parameter will
now throw an exception instead of deleting all the snapshots.

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull CASSANDRA-13391-clear-all-snapshots

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #181
commit 1e7c4b9c0584b5f63d121a5c37e0fc1e352e6108
Author: dr3s <dr3s@...>
Date:   2017-06-20T17:23:17Z

    Upgrade metrics to fix reconnect when reporting metrics.
    Closes #123
    Patch by dr3s and Jeff Jirsa; Reviewed by Stefan Podkowinski for CASSANDRA-13648

commit a5dff2f79621d7527a3837c0028d2e8b61d16e42
Author: ameya <ask1604@...>
Date:   2017-07-19T03:37:10Z

    Refactoring to specialised primitive functional interfaces in
    Closes #131
    Patch by Ameya Ketkar; Reviewed by Jeff Jirsa for CASSANDRA-13732

commit 0a9e9db99c56eb2a8779dadf1926861436ca5f6e
Author: Andrés de la Peña <a.penya.garcia@...>
Date:   2017-07-28T10:22:13Z

    Merge branch '12952-3.11' into 12952-trunk

commit 0f6aeb6a59185e8ee022a5570ee8f585ec2ba21b
Author: Andrés de la Peña <a.penya.garcia@...>
Date:   2017-07-28T10:25:06Z

    Merge branch '12952-trunk' into trunk

commit 9b828275288b135812a247c3f2e9da2f20547111
Author: Paulo Motta <paulo@...>
Date:   2017-07-28T20:27:18Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 284271670c389f2b9fd11271c33eca5bb2a228fd
Author: Simon Zhou <szhou@...>
Date:   2017-03-31T03:45:03Z

    Introduce error metrics for repair
    patch by Simon Zhou; reviewed by Stefan Podkowinski for CASSANDRA-13387

commit de60cf0759e9721ddd1aab725c511a8f910cf415
Author: Jeff Jirsa <jjirsa@...>
Date:   2017-07-31T22:30:10Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit fbcec0cc465dddc81134a15c42b292c35d3316b2
Author: Aleksey Yeschenko <aleksey@...>
Date:   2017-08-01T14:40:23Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 8174fa510cd9007bba1f3726203fabf15b608d61
Author: Stefania Alborghetti <stefania.alborghetti@...>
Date:   2017-08-02T02:18:43Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 457733bd54c4a6c0ffd75aa6774c634b7623f116
Author: Stefan Podkowinski <stefan.podkowinski@...>
Date:   2017-08-03T10:52:41Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 32de990b7abf1ae54f31ba728a9860031d0f435c
Author: Aleksey Yeschenko <aleksey@...>
Date:   2017-08-03T13:28:52Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit cb32807f654cc8b11868cb1ed8e17657137d7ea2
Author: Andrés de la Peña <a.penya.garcia@...>
Date:   2017-08-07T19:32:18Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 6b302b600f327cc8d1781776423d9548658e6591
Author: Roman Pogribnyi <pogribnyi@...>
Date:   2017-07-22T20:06:01Z

    Update DTest GitHub URLs - Use ASF DTest location
    Patch by Roman Pogribnyi; Reviewed by Jeff Jirsa for CASSANDRA-13689

commit 9e3483f844d9db6fe2a6210550622fc2cd8aef72
Author: Chris Lohfink <clohfink@...>
Date:   2017-07-10T15:46:34Z

    Switch to client init for sstabledump
    Closes #130
    Patch by Chris Lohfink; Reviewed by Jeremiah Jordan for CASSANDRA-13683

commit 6dfd11c30a9c85581b77c93cfcdbef37a5d497c6
Author: Chris Lohfink <clohfink@...>
Date:   2017-07-22T03:04:37Z

    Improve sstablemetadata output
    Patch by Chris Lohfink; reviewed by marcuse for CASSANDRA-11483

commit cad941653b59c4609ba2900cda86dc366d3ccd38
Author: Andrés de la Peña <a.penya.garcia@...>
Date:   2017-08-08T14:27:15Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit c00206297be451077034daf318eb8912825e135a
Author: Benjamin Lerer <b.lerer@...>
Date:   2017-08-08T15:13:18Z

    Merge branch cassandra-3.11 into trunk

commit bcdbee5cdce6e22e6c97c5cab23fb2cf3265aa0d
Author: Michael Shuler <michael@...>
Date:   2017-08-09T20:42:01Z

    Enable ppc64le runtime as unsupported architecture
    patch by Amitkumar Ghatwal and Michael Shuler; reviewed by Jeff Jirsa for CASSANDRA-13615

commit ba87ab4e954ad2e537f6690953bd7ebaa069f5cd
Author: Zhao Yang <zhaoyangsingapore@...>
Date:   2017-07-24T10:13:14Z

    Explicitly use e.getMessage() for log message formatting
    patch by Zhao Yang; reviewed by Stefan Podkowinski for CASSANDRA-13723

commit 9c3354e3211c6a3f3982e87477e156c29cd9b7ea
Author: Blake Eggleston <bdeggleston@...>
Date:   2017-08-08T17:32:35Z

    Fix race / ref leak in PendingRepairManager
    Patch by Blake Eggleston; Reviewed by Marcus Eriksson for CASSANDRA-13751

commit 4b736366c2a958e67dffa12ad776d850ba370752
Author: Blake Eggleston <bdeggleston@...>
Date:   2017-08-10T22:48:09Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit ed0243954f9ab9c5c68a4516a836ab3710891d5b
Author: Corentin Chary <c.chary@...>
Date:   2017-08-04T08:19:57Z

    cqlsh: don't pause when capturing data
    Patch by Corentin Chary; Reviewed by Chris Lohfink for CASSANDRA-13473

commit d68357a447a5296e8c5dfd097fbc092e586819fe
Author: Jeff Jirsa <jjirsa@...>
Date:   2017-08-11T01:13:45Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit f4da90aca0e79664ea06212283f6cd5f9288d441
Author: Romain Hardouin <romain_hardouin@...>
Date:   2016-10-06T20:36:07Z

    Add MBean to monitor max queued tasks
    patch by Romain Hardouin; reviewed by Michael Shuler for CASSANDRA-12758

commit e9cc805db1133982c022657f8cab86cd24b3686f
Author: Blake Eggleston <bdeggleston@...>
Date:   2017-07-12T21:47:48Z

    Fix race / ref leak in anticompaction
    Patch by Blake Eggleston; Reviewed by Ariel Weisberg for CASSANDRA-13688

commit 62d39f6544e3fbcbc268aecbb3a46950dcba2bf0
Author: Marcus Eriksson <marcuse@...>
Date:   2017-06-08T11:34:18Z

    Use an ExecutorService for repair commands instead of new Thread(..).start()
    Patch by marcuse; reviewed by Ariel Weisberg for CASSANDRA-13594

commit ff06424faccc8acedd027c71e955a38fd8ddee6c
Author: Marcus Eriksson <marcuse@...>
Date:   2017-07-03T13:16:56Z

    Only optimize large ranges when figuring out where to stream from
    Patch by marcuse; reviewed by Ariel Weisberg for CASSANDRA-13664

commit 99e5f7efc33fb3672e11dfba9f2521d09473dddf
Author: Aleksey Yeschenko <aleksey@...>
Date:   2017-08-14T14:28:22Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk

commit 256a74faa31fcf25bdae753c563fa2c69f7f355c
Author: Joel Knighton <jkni@...>
Date:   2017-08-15T16:24:40Z

    Add Config$RepairCommandPoolFullStrategy awareness to DatabaseDescriptorRefTest
    Patch by Joel Knighton; reviewed by Marcus Eriksson for CASSANDRA-13594

commit 22b2a82f76417f8cc2d7a16bfd41b05ff624e880
Author: mck <mick@...>
Date:   2017-08-16T03:03:28Z

    Merge branch 'cassandra-3.11' into trunk



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