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From Stefan Miklosovic <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Improve JIRA and Github ticket higyene
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2021 09:25:25 GMT
Hi Paulo,

it might seem as me complaining but that is not the case here so just
hear me out please.

I think that the primary reason for tickets not being resolved / they
are abandoned / they are not worked on anymore is not the fact that
they are just "forgotten" but I believe that it is also because after
spending some time around the project, one just feels what ticket has
any reasonable chance to get through and be eventually committed or if
that ticket is just not too important after all (from time-management
point of view) and it just does not make sense to work on it because
the amount of time spent on it to chase committers to look at it is
just not worth it which is quite sad but understandable. I know about
a couple of tickets I would like to see merged but I just do not
bother because I am not a committer myself and begging people for a
couple weeks to look at some minor stuff is just a waste of time for
everybody. But it does not mean that such a ticket is "useless". It is
more about people not having any more bandwidth to look at them and so
on ...

Minor or low-hanging fruit tickets are easy to work on and they are
usually the entry point for new contributors but those who do have
commit rights are not too often impressed and it stays under the
radar, it is a chicken-egg problem and eventually the project as a
whole loses, contributors are often discouraged and minor fixes sum
over time to quite a lot of changes which makes the difference but
they are not there ...

Hence while I guess some solutions you propose are sound, it still
does not prevent valid tickets to be abandoned and forgotten
completely. I would yet like to see what mechanism would be put in
action to decide what ticket is relevant or not after being not worked
on for a substantial amount of time.


On Sun, 21 Mar 2021 at 23:06, Paulo Motta <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> While triaging tickets for Google Summer of Code I went through dozens of
> invalid and stale tickets on JIRA that were still open. In addition to
> other issues, this makes it harder for new contributors to identify valid
> tickets to work on. Ideally any ticket that was triaged by a contributor
> should be good to work on, but this is not the current state of our JIRA.
> I was wondering if we should adopt some strategy to auto-close JIRA tickets
> and/or GitHub PRs after a period of inactivity and wanted to bring this
> discussion to the community. One downside of this is that valid tickets
> might be auto-closed, but we could use a few strategies to mitigate that:
> a) use a long enough period (ie. 2 years), if an issue wasn't worked on
> within this period then it's probably not relevant enough and can be
> abandoned. This would already get rid of a large backlog of abandoned
> tickets dating back to as early as 2014 (or even earlier).
> b) if the issue hasn't been worked on for a large period but the community
> still finds it relevant, add some tag to prevent that ticket from being
> auto-closed.
> I think that this is something that is pretty easy to fix and will make our
> ticket tracking more reliable and easier for new contributors to get
> started, especially in the post 4.0 world.
> Please let me know what do you think,
> Paulo

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