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From Benedict Elliott Smith <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Releases after 4.0
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2021 16:31:54 GMT
But, as discussed, we previously agreed limit features in a minor version, as per the release
lifecycle (and I continue to endorse this decision)

´╗┐On 28/01/2021, 16:04, "Mick Semb Wever" <> wrote:

    > if there's no such features, or anything breaking compatibility
    > What do you envisage being delivered in such a release, besides bug
    > fixes?  Do we have the capacity as a project for releases dedicated to
    > whatever falls between those two gaps?

    All releases that don't break any compatibilities as our documented
    guidelines dictate (wrt. upgrades, api, cql, native protocol, etc).  Even
    new features can be introduced without compatibility breakages (and should
    be as often as possible).

    Honouring semver does not imply more releases, to the contrary it is just
    that a number of those existing releases will be minor instead of major.
    That is, it is an opportunity cost to not recognise minor releases.

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