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From "kedar mhaswade"<>
Subject A (drop-in) replacement for ColumnFamilyRecordReader in C*3?
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 01:02:08 GMT
Hello Cassandra Devs,

See This JIRA tells us the schema changes
between C*2 and C*3. Sylvain Lebresne suggests that one should use the KeyspaceMetadata and
related classes from the DataStax driver instead of running queries against the internal schema
keyspaces which have also moved. 

My problem is related to CASSANDRA-10996, although unlike the reporter of that report, I am
not doing a query like that. It's a Cassandra 2.2 class itself that does a similar query for
me. This class is org.apache.cassandra.hadoop.ColumnFamilyRecordReader which is used as-is
(via a wrapper) in one of the projects I am working on (JanusGraph). Since this class is not
found on Cassandra trunk, there must be something that replaces its functionality (hopefully
a drop-in replacement). And the way it fails JanusGraph is documented in this bug:

I have two questions in this regard:
1- Is there a replacement for CFRR?
2- If not, can someone provide a way to replace ColumnFamilyRecordReader functionality, hopefully
with some example code? I am thinking that we could wrap org.apache.cassandra.hadoop.cql3.CqlRecordReader
instead of CFRR, but I need a bit more context before I embark on that adventure.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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