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From Nate McCall <>
Subject Re: Integrating vendor-specific code and developing plugins
Date Sat, 13 May 2017 02:21:56 GMT
> This being said, I don't think we should remove support for Windows or
> those snitches. Instead, what I think would be more beneficial, and
> certainly more reflecting the Apache Way, is to see if someone in the
> community would be willing to maintain those components. Looking at another
> Apache project, Mesos has an interesting breakdown of maintainers for
> specific components [1]. We might consider adopting a similar idea for
> platforms/OSes/architectures/whatevers.

This is a good point. Apache Beam does this as well: component
maintainers for specific integrations (Spark, Kafka, HDFS, etc).
Agreed that this is a good way to encourage participation.

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