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From Jeff Jirsa <>
Subject Weekly Cassandra Status
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2017 22:35:04 GMT
Email stuff:
- We've moved github pull requests notifications from dev@ to pr@ - if you
want to see when github issues are opened or updated, subscribe to the new
list (send email to ), or check out the
archives at

We have some new JIRAs from new' contributors. Would be great if someone
found the time to review and commit:


There are also two trivial typo changes in GH PRs:

These are trivial to commit, and I'll likely do it "soon", but there's an
open question about process: we've historically avoided using GH PRs, but I
think ultimately it's better if we can find a way to accept these patches,
especially with new contributors. I'm not aware of the what the standard is
for whether or not we need to make a JIRA for tracking and update CHANGES -
if any of the members of the PMC or committers feel like chiming in on
procedure here, that'd be great. In the recent past, I've made a trivial
JIRA just to follow the process, but it feels pretty silly ( GH PR #99 /
+ ).

A pretty ugly duplicate-token blocker got registered this week: committers
with free cycles may want to investigate (likely related to the new vnode
allocation code in 3.0+):

Here's a spattering of a few other patches (some new contributors, some
old, but only patches from non-committers) who have patch available and no

- - cql grammar issue
- - non-ascii dashes
in docs
- - LCS estimated
tasks accuracy
- - GREP_COLOR breaks

We had 3 tickets opened to update embedded libraries to modern versions
- JNA - (committed)
- Snappy - (stilll
open until I check the dtests a bit more closely)
- JUnit - (committed)

Since we had 3 of those in a short period of time, I've created an umbrella
ticket for any other libraries we want to upgrade with 4.0 - . We don't typically
upgrade libraries until we have a reasons, so if you've been unable to use
a feature of a bundled library because we were stuck on an old version, the
time to update it in trunk is now (before 4.0 ships).

Finally, we still have a TON of open "missing unit tests" tickets - - new contributors may
find those to be good places to have an immediate impact on the project.

- Jeff

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