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From Micha <>
Subject Re: unexpected select result on secondary index on static column
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2017 10:35:24 GMT

 my cluster is quite new, with three (jessie) nodes and only some test
tables with a few rows of data in it.

I just started a fresh one-node-cluster on another machine, created the
table then the second index on the static column and inserted one row of

create table demo (id text, added timestamp, dest text, id2 bigint
static, source text static, primary key (id, added));

create index id2_index on demo (id2);

insert into demo (id, added,dest,id2,source)
values ('id-1', '2017-01-30', 'dest-1', 22, 'source');

select * from demo gives one row
select * from demo where id2 = 22 gives 194 rows(!), all the same.

The only difference is that the replication factor is 1 instead of 2
this time.

If you need more info or logs, I would like to help.


On 30.01.2017 10:54, Benjamin Lerer wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> It sound like a bug but I could not reproduced it on 3.9 or on the
> current 3.11 branch (which will become 3.10).
> Now, that does not mean that there are not problem. Something might be
> different in your environement.
> Do you still see that problem when you start from a clean environment
> with a single node?
> Benjamin

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