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From Nate McCall <>
Subject Re: Wrapping up tick-tock
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2017 17:27:16 GMT
> I agreed with you at the time that the yearly cycle was too long to be
> adding features before cutting a release, and still do now.  Instead of
> elastic banding all the way back to a process which wasn't working before,
> why not try somewhere in the middle?  A release every 6 months (with
> monthly bug fixes for a year) gives:
> 1. long enough time to stabilize (1 year vs 1 month)
> 2. not so long things sit around untested forever
> 3. only 2 releases (current and previous) to do bug fix support at any
> given time.

The third reason is particularly appealing.

+1 on six months.
+1 on killing tick/tock at 3.10 (with a potential bugfix follow up per
the other thread).

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