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From Michael Shuler <>
Subject Re: Committer access to CassCI
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2016 16:55:12 GMT
FYI, since someone pinged me about wishing to add a server.

This is not going to be done on your behalf on someone else's
account. If you wish to add resources to the ASF Jenkins `Cassandra`
label, set up your own account, launch Ubuntu 16.04 amd64
dedicated server(s) with at least 16G RAM and SSD, then open an INFRA
ticket and let them know you'd like them to add to the pool. They'll
need root access - I just added INFRA's ssh key to my initial user, as
you can see in INFRA-12823. Don't blindly add that key, but talk with

The tickets I linked were just an example of my experience for you, the
community, to follow. Please, do coordinate on dev@ here, if there's a
desire to help, but I won't be adding servers to our account for you -
you do that :)

Kind regards,

On 12/06/2016 09:47 AM, Michael Shuler wrote:
> (Sent to private@ a couple weeks ago)
> We are currently working on configuring newly donated ASF recommended
> compute resources to the ASF Jenkins environment and will be
> transferring unit and dtests over there once the infrastructure is
> running jobs successfully.
> We are receiving requests for new committers to receive access to
> CassCI, and in the interim can do so, but please note that we are near
> capacity and jobs are starting to back up there. We are also offering
> new committers assistance in setting up a local environment which may
> give them a faster turnaround time in terms of test results. It is our
> preference to not create new CassCI accounts and to spend our efforts
> and contributions on improving running on ASF infrastructure.
> (Added notes 12/06)
> At this time, JIRA ticket reviewers may need to set up dev branch jobs,
> if patch submitters do not currently have their forks set up on CassCI.
> The goal is to eventually migrate off of CassCI, utilizing ASF Jenkins
> for main branch jobs, which is nearly complete. If compute resources
> materialize for dev branches to run on ASF Jenkins, that's great,
> otherwise, I've set up a model of how to set up Jenkins in-house to run
> jobs.
> The ASF Jenkins jobs are configured via Job DSL directly from the
> cassandra-builds git repository:
> There are very limited Jenkins plugins installed on the ASF Jenkins, so
> a base Jenkins install with the Job DSL plugin added should get other
> Jenkins admins up and running pretty quickly. Modifications for running
> Jenkins on a user's repo of Apache Cassandra and custom branches should
> be relatively straightforward, but feel free to ask for help.
> With 5 dedicated ASF Jenkins slaves for Apache Cassandra, we currently
> cannot support developer branches on the ASF Jenkins infrastructure - we
> would queue jobs for days/weeks waiting to run. If there are community
> members that have a desire to donate compute resources to ASF Jenkins to
> add testing capacity, here's some background and the related INFRA
> tickets as we started testing on ASF and adding/troubleshooting the
> initial 5 servers:

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