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From Jeffrey Jirsa <>
Subject Re: New 'cassandra-builds' git repo, or in-tree?
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2016 17:58:10 GMT
+1 to new repo.

On 11/11/16, 11:55 AM, "Michael Shuler" < on behalf
of> wrote:

>We're working on configuring new donated servers for Apache Cassandra
>testing in the ASF Jenkins infrastructure. I have a preference to
>request INFRA set up a new git repository specifically for
>build/test_run/jenkins_template scripts, separate from the main Apache
>Cassandra source, but I'm wondering how others feel about these just
>being in-tree. If you have an opinion one way or the other, I'm
>I think a separate git repo would be preferable since the contents could
>be used for any version, regardless of the checked out C* branch or sha,
>it won't require backporting, and it will be tiny. It may also allow a
>lower barrier for contributors interested in helping with specifically
>build/test infrastructure.

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