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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: DataStax role in Cassandra and the ASF
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2016 18:31:23 GMT
And, as a reminder, this is my email in its entirety. Note
how when show in full, it is hardly the nefarious posting
one would have assumed from the small cutting shared so far.


I've seen such issues come up before...

The problem is not, per se, that the issues pop up; it happens and
sometimes companies and their marketing/PR department just don't
grok how to use the Apache marks the way they should.

What IS a problem is when the PMC is lax in handling these issues
and especially when the company responsible also is "over-represented"
in the PMC itself.

In all cases, it is the company that is over-represented which should
be the leading, guiding example on how to do things right; they are
the company which should least likely have these issues and, when they
do pop up, be the most aggressive and active in getting these resolved.

Experience has shown that Datastax fails in these expectations very,
very frequently.

Now if the PMC cannot "reign in" Datastax, then the board will; but
the board's reaction will not be subtle. It will not be nuanced. The
board is a hammer, not a scalpel.


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