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From Malcolm Matalka <>
Subject Re: Parsing SSTables containing CQL values
Date Tue, 26 May 2015 13:49:14 GMT
Thanks Tyler,

The problem with sstable2json is that it does not support the CQL
types as far as I can see and there isn't any indication as to modify
it to do that.  It seems like the CQL things are a layer above the

2015-05-26 15:44 GMT+02:00 Tyler Hobbs <>:
> I would start by looking at sstable2json.  It may be simplest for you to
> run sstable2json and then process the resulting json.  If that's not
> adequate, modifying the sstable2json code is probably your best bet.
> On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 11:12 AM, Malcolm Matalka <>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> For efficiency reasons I am trying to parse the raw SSTable files in
>> order to transform them into another format.  I understand this is
>> like poking a sleeping beast and there aren't many guarantees around
>> this but I'm asking if anyone has any pointers to make this possible?
>> In a search I have stumbled upon FullContact's SSTable parser, but it
>> does not parse the complicated data structures that CQL supports.  In
>> attempting to reverse engineer how Cassandra handles the actual data
>> there are a few cases that are unclear and I'm concerned that my
>> attempts to interpret them will result in a fragile result.
>> Are there any suggestions?  Existing libraries?  Tips on how Cassandra
>> parses the data itself?  Pointers into the code to read?  SSTable
>> design doc?
>> Thanks,
>> /Malcolm
> --
> Tyler Hobbs
> DataStax <>

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