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From Malcolm Matalka <>
Subject Parsing SSTables containing CQL values
Date Mon, 25 May 2015 16:12:56 GMT

For efficiency reasons I am trying to parse the raw SSTable files in
order to transform them into another format.  I understand this is
like poking a sleeping beast and there aren't many guarantees around
this but I'm asking if anyone has any pointers to make this possible?
In a search I have stumbled upon FullContact's SSTable parser, but it
does not parse the complicated data structures that CQL supports.  In
attempting to reverse engineer how Cassandra handles the actual data
there are a few cases that are unclear and I'm concerned that my
attempts to interpret them will result in a fragile result.

Are there any suggestions?  Existing libraries?  Tips on how Cassandra
parses the data itself?  Pointers into the code to read?  SSTable
design doc?


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