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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Re: Debian mirror is blocked
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 04:17:47 GMT
[ Eric Evans ]
> [ Adam Israel ]
> > I recently filed a bug [1] about broken mirrors and debian repo for Cassandra. The
mirror issue has been resolved, but there is still an issue with the Debian repo that is unresolved.
The Infra team has blocked the debian repo because it was causing in excess of 600,000 requests/day.
> Interesting, I can see from the issue that INFRA claims to have blocked it,
> but I am able to access it fine.  The source package for 2.1.2 is broken
> at the moment (the orig.tar.gz 404s), but that's not because it's blocked.
> > The Debian packaging page [2] includes instructions on using the ASF repositories,
which is what has been blocked. The ASF repo is listed predominantly on the page, even though
it’s listed as an alternate to using the DataStax repo. 
> Yes, the canonical download location for all ASF projects is supposed to
> be from ASF resources. 
> > What’s not entirely clear about the DataStax repo is if the packages its hosting
are the same as the ones made available by the Cassandra team.
> I'm not sure, I assume at the very least that it's a different build to
> that produced by the Cassandra Release Manager.  Either way, you shouldn't
> consider it the Official Apache Cassandra Download(tm).
> > I stumbled across this while working on the Juju charm [3] that manages cloud deployments
of Cassandra.
> > 
> > So the issues right now are that:
> > 1) The Debian repo hosted on ASF is currently blocked
> > 2) It’s unclear if the ASF or DataStax repo is authoritative
> > 3) Upstream projects that depend on the ASF repo are currently broke.
> Sorry, we'll get it sorted out.  Thanks for the heads up!

INFRA-8585 has been updated.

TL;DR The repository should be working (it is working for me), so keep us
in the loop if you continue to have problems.

Long term we need to find an alternative to hosting on www, but for the
meantime, INFRA is not supposed to be blocking access.



Eric Evans

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