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From Dave Brosius <>
Subject Re: Proposal: freeze Thrift starting with 2.1.0
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:34:39 GMT
Those concerns of yours came from my post (probably). I'd just like to 
explain. Obviously no one is going to purposely not test thrift as we go 
forward, and hopefully thrift users will gain benefits from future 
releases in terms of performance and the like. The core cassandra devs 
i've worked with have all been fantastic about it and are tremendous 

However, it's just human behaviour that if a group of devs are focused 
on making (A) better, faster, more feature-full, the less time is spent 
focused on (B). (B) is relegated to did we break (B)?, and hopefully 
some testing is done days before a release is about to go out. This 
maintenance mode thought process isn't something developers are usually 
very good at. So as new releases come out, the better (A) will be, and 
unfortunately, most times (B) gets worse unfortunately. In my experience 
once you decide not to actively develop something it starts rotting 
almost immediately, and it's caveat emptor for folks who want to use it 
going forward. (This is really unrelated to cassandra, but development 
in general). IMO it is better to just make the cut, so that you can 
focus entirely on what the future plan is, and gain significant velocity 
in development because of it.

Of course that is just my opinion, which in this case won't be taken. 
Cassandra will still maintain compatibility for Thrift going forward. 
I'd suggest it would be in the Thrift supporters best interest (even 
more so now) to do early pre-release testing and get involved early.


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On 2014-03-26 11:15, Chris Burroughs wrote:
> FWIW even for new development we have found thrift preferable to CQL.
> Others have have a different experience and that's cool.  It's
> certinaly made it less intimidating to new users when explaining
> Cassandra.
> I'm very concerned at the sentiments in this thread about not testing
> or upgrading to 2.1 being a "dumb" idea.  The thing we value most from
> Cassandra is that it works.  Operability, stability, and robustness
> are by far the most important traits.  I can deal with wrapping APIs
> and transport layers.  Dealing with untested releases is much more
> complicated.

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