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From Michael Kjellman <>
Subject Re: cassandra vnodes
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2013 18:15:04 GMT
Okay, I¹ll take the bait. I apologize if I come off rude here (you
certainly don¹t seem to care though if you do) but if you want production
ready enterprise QA tested code please see Datastax Enterprise. Just
because you didn¹t choose to use what is offered doesn¹t mean it doesn¹t
exist. Much like your email about the RedHat ³Performance Tools² which
apparently you believe everyone on this list is too stupid to use,
(believe me, no one on this list forgot about that email either and many
before it), you really need to change your attitude. It¹s condescending
and rude to what is generally a very open and welcoming community.

Nice job alienating yourself.

On 7/13/13, 9:52 AM, "Radim Kolar" <> wrote:

>> I decided to implement it in my cassandra too, but i am using
>> zookeeper for cluster management.
>I scraped idea of consistent hashing with random tokens. There is too
>much variance with effective ranges allocated to nodes in large cluster,
>you need to have lot of ranges which is quite large overhead because of
>suboptimal implementation in current Cassandra.
>I decided to go for mtrees on top of clock allocator. Because mtrees can
>overlap they can take care of replication as well.
>there is couple of bugs in Cassandra 1.2 after you enable vnodes, but
>you will never warn user about vnodes not production quality, don't you?
>Look at Redhat, some features are marked "Tech preview". Your thinking
>is: ppl should test it before putting it into production. You can't
>expect user to test all possible code paths.

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