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From pkolaczk <>
Subject cassandra pull request: Dsp 1089 transport factory refactoring
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 14:11:15 GMT
GitHub user pkolaczk opened a pull request:

    Dsp 1089 transport factory refactoring


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull DSP-1089-TransportFactoryRefactoring

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

commit b1e5380710a0722b918090d37f3e3e1bba6d5cc0
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-09T05:20:56Z

    change version to

commit 993de20dc8c32234bb2bcc7c2b0a9d0b212434a7
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-09T18:12:51Z


commit fc3c2e09e9611ec09190d1ce6594e609bc4ec521
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-09T21:07:56Z

    add ssl support to TCustomServerSocket

commit 578d4c8d9ec5c0787230fb1f633667fe62a26da6
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-09T21:33:49Z

    fix compiling error

commit de4c8f2508b556b99c8a2c812fd2ac244801fcbb
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-09T22:13:20Z


commit 71f4b1027f1bf618a97c6fd3484809681a5b0dac
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-10T05:23:55Z

    fix a typo

commit 03b347b54e241c07e833d8db7ceff770ec799551
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-11T20:15:20Z

    change processor to TProcessor type

commit 69e5e0bcc0f3a53fba9b7d3b59c35683c683f47c
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-12T06:40:12Z

    show exception trace for authentication error

commit 3a360f719e7c9ef9f1b2921a2433143effb5c4a4
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-15T19:43:05Z

    add client socket factory

commit 2eb5039f79c20e598c9c74736548874271acff0e
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-10-24T19:57:23Z

    refactor code

commit a4fda1fac86301d1b82268bd2239a9838f9f30c6
Author: Jonathan Ellis <>
Date:   2012-10-19T22:40:25Z

    fix indexing empty column values
    patch by jbellis for CASSANDRA-4832
    (orig: 72dcc298d335721c053444249c157e9a6431ebea)

commit 4f0cacf3d2c619cda8a01eb61614cb81adeee54d
Author: Jonathan Ellis <>
Date:   2012-10-24T19:41:22Z

    initialize column iteration lazily so filter will be ready when it's first used
    patch by slebresne and Piotr Kołaczkowski; reviewed by jbellis for CASSANDRA-4816

commit 497c5c95aa1f7e25b870fc22e95e491c36798bc0
Author: Ben Gamble <>
Date:   2012-11-16T00:53:00Z

    Custom version for deployment to

commit 45441679d7b5c4d31054f4e8e257d2fb7882abb1
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-11-19T17:09:51Z

    merge dse-2.2.1

commit 02c0143dce4e7958f2782f7e404d3fed64d77897
Author: beobal <>
Date:   2012-11-26T21:09:10Z

    Changes to build.xml for deployment to DataStax maven repos

commit 48d087797fefe70ffb25099bdd735cf03e16ac92
Author: Sergio Bossa <>
Date:   2012-11-29T15:01:44Z

    DSP-1207 Stress Tool can now take a transport factory (-tr) command line option to connect
to secured Cassandra.

commit 99ccf0957410f93f7ae8d4eb21ac71a189ef8317
Author: mildewey <>
Date:   2012-11-29T17:16:51Z

    Merge pull request #2 from riptano/DSP-1207
    DSP-1207 Stress Tool can now take a transport factory (-tr) command line...

commit 5a20b9a82f77424aac01dbef116ac9032fd58f41
Author: Sergio Bossa <>
Date:   2012-11-29T18:07:37Z

    Reset version to

commit f0ba9170a9df89a597a782e6c48bb42dfb266c14
Author: Jonathan Ellis <>
Date:   2012-10-26T01:11:02Z

    Merged CASSANDRA-4864 patch.

commit f75932ce2778b22a38f6ba9e1ddf75d5b5f787aa
Author: Alex Liu <>
Date:   2012-12-06T04:17:24Z

    update socket client factory interface

commit 85b81ed95bce8f27cb1bfebf42cfead3e8e4a852
Author: Piotr Kolaczkowski <>
Date:   2012-12-06T13:44:11Z

    DSP-1089: Refactored client-side thrift transport factories. ITransportFactory renamed
to TClientTransportFactory, so it does not get confused with general TTransportFactory.  Method
openTransport changed now accepts host:port pair instead of a TSocket in order to be able
to allow custom socket creation with SSL. Client transport factories are configurable and
can be queried for the set of implementation-defined options.


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