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From William Katsak <>
Subject Write Timestamps
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 19:57:54 GMT

I sent this message a few days ago, but it seems to have gotten lost (I 
don't see it on the archive), so I am trying again.


I am using Cassandra for some academic-type work that involves some 
hacking of replica placement, etc. and I am observing a strange behavior 
(well, strange to me).

Using the stock 1.1.5 snapshot, when you do a write (even with 
consistencylevel = ALL), it seems that all nodes will get the data with 
a slightly different timestamp, and any read (even at ALL) with always 
have a digest failure on the first read (and subsequent reads until read 
repair catches up).

It would make sense to me that timestamps should be distributed with the 
RowMutation, not set on each node independently.

Is this the intended behavior? Is there a design reason for this that I 
should be aware of?

Bill Katsak

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