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From Fábio Caldas <>
Subject Solr and Cassandra
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 15:39:51 GMT
Hi folks,

I´m finalizing tests for a eCommerce Company on Cassandra DSE,
especially on Solr and Cassandra integration.

Yesterday, I understood that Solr Interface
(SERVER:8983/solr/NAMESPACE.COLUMNFAMILY/select/?q=*:*&rows=10) only
show indexed results after Cassandra flush the data.

To check to that conclusion, I did the following steps:

* Runned DSE Log Search Sample to create a Cluster, with Namespace and
* Inserted only one entry
* Checked on Solr Interface - 0 Result
* Checked on CQL - 1 Result
* Runned command: nodetool -h localhost flush
* Checked on Solr Interface - 1 Result

I also changed the config on yaml to force flush when reach 1 MB, but
one single data like in my test is very tiny.

I know it sound like very strange but it´s needed since I´m targeting
a near real time index system.

My plans now is to use crontab on my nodes to schedule the nodetool
flush command to run on every minute.

Do you guys see any other approach to check?

Fábio Caldas

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