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From Daniel Doubleday <>
Subject Re: make default download cassandra 1.0
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 10:36:06 GMT
Well fwiw this is my perspecive as a user:

Software does not stabilize in sherry casks it does so by beining used. 
If you don't release than it's not being used because only few use betas.
Nobody forces you to use the latest version. You can deploy latest on 
your test system and watch it for a couple of weeks and report problems 
back making it stable. New users will mainly want to fool around with it 
in the beginning. So there's no harm. Everybody who takes bleeding edge 
to production will meet Darwin sooner or later.

Point is: we are the testers.

My 5c

On 19/05/2012 11:48, Radim Kolar wrote:
> message was wrong, It should be cass 1.1 vs 1.0. Cassandra 1.1 needs 
> some time to stabilize. It took months to get cassandra 1.0 stable 
> after it was released.
> Reworked schema changes in cass 1.1 produces some really weird bugs 
> like disappearing entire keyspace (data are still there). I think that 
> new cassandra users should not be used as beta testers.
> Other SW projects have similar problems for example dovecot 2.1 is 
> offered as default download even it is not stable enough for production.

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