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From Todd Burruss <>
Subject Re: Cache Row Size
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 04:46:58 GMT
after looking through the code it seems fairly straight forward to create
some different cache providers and try some things.

has anyone tried ehcache w/o persistence?  I see this JIRA but the main
complaint was the disk serialization, which I don't think anyone wants.

On 1/12/12 6:18 PM, "Jonathan Ellis" <> wrote:

>8x is pretty normal for JVM and bookkeeping overhead with the CLHCP.
>The SerializedCacheProvider is the default in 1.0 and is much
>On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 6:07 PM, Todd Burruss <>
>> I'm using ConcurrentLinkedHashCacheProvider and my data on disk is
>>about 4gb, but the RAM used by the cache is around 25gb.  I have 70k
>>columns per row, and only about 2500 rows ­ so a lot more columns than
>>rows.  has there been any discussion or JIRAs discussing reducing the
>>size of the cache?  I can understand the overhead for column names, etc,
>>but the ratio seems a bit distorted.
>> I'm tracing through the code, so any pointers to help me understand is
>> thx
>Jonathan Ellis
>Project Chair, Apache Cassandra
>co-founder of DataStax, the source for professional Cassandra support

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