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From Santiago Basulto <>
Subject Question regarding CQL
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2011 19:52:07 GMT
Hello people,

i'm new in Cassandra. Sorry if i'm offending with this question, but,
i have to ask:

I've been taking a look at Cassandra code for a while (since last
year) and using and trying it "in home". Nowdays i've started to take
a look at the "new stuff", more precisely to CQL. I think it's great,
I mean, just taking a look at Eric presentation
( makes you
love just it.

But, now i'm wondering: isn't it a one-way path? The kind you never
returns? I mean, if the Cassandra starts to grow in complexity, and
the datamodel extends a little bit, and everything start to grow, and
things like "query parsing", "query execution planning", "query
optimization" start to arise, would't it go against the first "simple,
fast" philosophy of the beginning?

Again, sorry if i misunderstood something, or if I sound like an
idiot, but i needed to ask.

Thank you for your time.

Santiago Basulto.-

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