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Subject 【EI检索 2011-09-1截稿 香港】ICAR 2011自动化与机器人国际学术研讨会征稿通知
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2011 06:05:00 GMT

Call for Paper

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    2011 International Conference on Automation and Robotics (ICAR2011) will be held on December
1-2, 2011,Dubai, UAE.

    2011 International Conference on Automation and Robotics (ICAR2011) provides a chance
for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent research progress in the area of
Automation and Robotics.

   The goal of this Conference is to bring together the researchers from academia and industry
as well as practitioners to share ideas, problems and solutions relating to the multifaceted
aspects of Mechanical and Electronic, Automation Control, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics.


Information Engineering Research Institute, USA


   All ICAR 2011 Papers will be published bySpringer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
(ISSN: 1876-1100), which will be indexed byEI CompendexandISTP.

   The submission system:

    Paper format see:

    Registration Fee: 400USD / 2650 RMB     Listener:100USD / 600RBM



【Important Dates】                                       

   Paper Submission Due:   September 1, 2011          

   Paper Acceptance Due:   September 10, 2011                    

   Paper Registration Due:  October 15, 2011            

   Conference Date:           December 1-2, 2011                      


【Contact Us】

  Miss. Han

  Tel: +86-18779151934    




Topics of particular interest include, but not limited to:

Robotics and automation                                             Intelligent Control systems

Robot Design, Development and Control                        Decision Support Systems

Human-robots Interfaces                                                Distributed Control

Network Robotics                                                          Expert Systems for

Mobile Robots and Autonomous Systems                        Intelligent Fault Detection and

Cybernetics                                                                     Knowledge-based
Systems Applications

Space and Underwater Robots                                        Planning and Scheduling

Intelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems         Machine Learning in Control Applications

Vehicle Control Applications                                           Hybrid Learning Systems

Telerobotics and Tele-operation                                      Mechatronic Systems

Industrial Networks and Automation                               Neural Networks based Control

Modeling, Simulation and Architectures                          Optimization Algorithms

Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction                          Software Agents for Intelligent

Virtual Reality                                                                 Soft Computing

Image Processing                                                            Fuzzy Control

Surveillance                                                                    Genetic Algorithms

Control and Supervision Systems                                    Evolutionary Computation
and Control

Autonomous Agents                             

Petri Nets (System Design/Protocols and Networks)    


Signal Processing, Sensor,System                              Industrial Engineering, Production

Signal Reconstruction                                                      LeanEnterprise

Computer and Microprocessor-based Control                Agile Manufacturing

Instrumentation Networks and Software                          Business Process Modeling

Force and Tactile Sensors                                               Supply Chain and Logistics

Mechanical Sensors                                                        Virtual Enterprises
and Interoperability         

Sensor Fusion                                                                  Production
Planning, Scheduling and Control      

Biological Inspired Sensors                                             Computer-based Manufacturing

Real-time Systems Control                                              Systems Modeling and

Environmental Monitoring and Control                             Facilities Planning and Management

Time Series and System Modeling                                   Quality Control and Management

Time-frequency Analysis                                                 Energy Efficiency
and Green Manufacturing        

Information-based Models for Control                              Product-Service Systems

Discrete Event Systems                                                    Precision Engineering

Hybrid Dynamical Systems                                              Industrial Automation
and Robotics               

System Identification                                                       Intelligent Design
and Manufacturing             

Adaptive Signal Processing and Control                          Knowledge Management in Industry

Nonlinear Signals and Systems                                                            

Optimization Problems in Signal Processing                                               

Change Detection Problems 


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征 稿 通 知 

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   ICAR2011会议论文集将由Springer Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (ISSN: 1876-1100)出版,所有录用论文将被EI核心检索和ISTP检索(CPCI)。投稿时中英文皆可,录用后注册终稿必须为英文,会务组可提供翻译指导和协助。




   普通注册费:2650 RMB/ 400USD;  陪同人员:600RBM/ 100USD







会议召开日期:2011-12-1   ~   2011-12-2




  电话: +86-18779151934   






机器人与自动化                                                智能控制系统  

机器人设计开发与控制                                      决策支持系统   

人-机接口                                                               分布式控制系统

网络机器人                                                            行业专家系统

移动机器人与自主系统                                      智能故障检测与识别

控制论                                                                     基于知识的系统应用

空间和水下机器人                                                规划与调度  

智能交通技术与系统                                          控制应用中的机器学习

车辆控制应用                                                       混合学习系统

电控机器人                                                           机电一体化系统

产业网络和自动化                                              基于控制系统的神经网络

建模,仿真和结构                                             优化算法        

视觉,识别与重建                                             软件代理的智能控制

虚拟现实                                                              软计算      

图像处理                                                              模糊控制   

控制与监控系统                                                 遗传算法       

自治代理                                                              进化计算与控制




信号处理,传感与信号系统                      工业工程,产品与管理

信号重建                                                             敏捷制造    

基于计算机和微处理器的控制                       业务流程建模        

仪器仪表网络及软件                                       供应链与物流工程

电力和触觉传感器                                            虚拟企业与互操作

机械传感器                                                        生产规划,调度和控制

传感器融合                                                        基于计算机的制造技术

生物启发的传感器                                            系统建模与仿真

实时控制系统                                                    设施规划与管理

环境监测与控制                                                质量控制和管理

时间序列及系统建模                                       节能与绿色制造  

时频分析                                                             产品服务系统

信息化模型控制                                                精密工程        

离散事件系统                                                    工业自动化与机器人

混合动力系统                                                   智能设计与制造

系统识别                                                           企业知识管理






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