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From "Andre Lorbach" <>
Subject RE: Searching for c with glib client code samples
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 14:40:32 GMT
Hi again ;),

I found all missing parts to compile the thrift samples in c with glib during
Now that I am able to compile a thrift framework, I am running into the
problem. There is technically no sample code for a Cassandra client in c with

The project I am researching for is RSyslog, and we are looking into writing
an output module for Cassandra. As RSyslog is a native c application with no
++ in it ;), cpp is not an option. 
If anybody here has any help, or samples, I would be very happy ;). 

Thanks and best regards,
Andre Lorbach

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> From: Andre Lorbach []
> Sent: Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011 17:56
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> Subject: Searching for c with glib client code samples
> Hi,
> I am currently researching cassandra and thrift for possible solutions to
> a client based plugin for our own application. As this application is
written in
> native c, the client module needs to be written in c as well, so no cpp. I
> search and tried to get a sample running using thrift, however I am stuck
> lots of errors while compiling the generated sample code by thrift. I am
> not sure if I am using the right compile commands as they are no samples
> available, and I tried to gather them from google results.
> Are there any good and full samples related to c with glib? All other
> languages seem to be very well documented with samples.
> Best regards,
> Andre Lorbach

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