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From Eric Evans <>
Subject Reoganizing drivers
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2011 08:08:32 GMT

Sylvain and I have been discussing release issues while here at
buzzwords, and some of the issues are related to drivers.  Not
surprising since that's a new concept for us, and there wasn't much
thought given to the current organization.

Because the CQL drivers are independently versioned and capable of
releasing on their own timelines, the current location in SVN is
suboptimal.  There are a number of reasons why, not least of which is
that it sets the expectation that the correct version of a driver is
whatever corresponds to the release version of Cassandra.

So, we'd like to move the drivers sub-directory up one level, making it
look something like the following:

|- branches
|- tags
|- site
|- drivers
|  |- java
|  |- py
|  |- txpy
|- trunk

There are a few additional implied changes here as well, for example the
JDBC driver will need its own build, and Cassandra's will need some
minor changes as well (JDBC driver tests, release artifacts, etc).

Does anyone object to this?

Eric Evans

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