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From Stephen Connolly <>
Subject Re: ant build-distributed-test is broken
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2011 08:40:43 GMT
On 22 January 2011 08:20, Stephen Connolly
<> wrote:
> as part of my work on CASSANDRA-2017 I have been trying to test
> various parts of the cassandra build that use ivy in order to make
> sure that the maven-ant-tasks version works too...
> currently "ant build-distributed-test" is broken for me (because it
> uses a -snapshot of whirr)....
> obviously my maven-ant-tasks version duplicates the same failure... so
> I guess I'm wondering how people want to proceed...
> -Stephen

I have some observations:

1. Whirr uses a Maven build... but they have committed the cardinal
sin of Maven builds, i.e. they include a <repositories> section...
IMHO allowing <repository> definitions in the pom was a mistake. IMHO
99.9% of peoples bad feelings towards Maven are the result of people
using <repository> and <pluginRepository> elements in their poms. Any
of the other Maven PMC members I have discussed this with agree with
me ;-)

2. There is supposed to be validation of poms going to Maven Central
to refuse them if they have a repositories section... so I suspect
that either it is broken on or else the
0.2.0-incubating stuff slipped under the radar... I'm looking into

3. I will probably have to nudge the downstream dependencies of whirr
to publish to central to get that resolved.

4. With the Maven ANT Tasks there is the advantage that you can just
build whirr locally with
  mvn install
to get the dependencies into your local repository... which would let
the build pass...

5. With Maven ANT Tasks we could use an svn:external with peg rev to
pull down the whirr code and then <artifact:mvn> to build whirr
locally from the ANT build

I'm not saying any of the above are solutions, just points to consider


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