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From Chip Salzenberg <>
Subject Re: NoSQL, YesCQL?
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2010 22:02:04 GMT
On 10/28/2010 2:56 PM, Eric Evans wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 14:46 -0700, Chip Salzenberg wrote:
>> Short answer: "YES Please, but we will still want a side channel for
>> minimum overhead."
> Ok.  Though I'm not sure I agree with the "minimum overhead" argument.
> I've only done preliminary tests so far, but this seems on par (if not a
> little faster) than Thrift is, and no effort to optimize has been made
> (using a socket transport instead of HTTP for example would make a big
> difference).

I didn't mean to imply that Thrift is fast enough.  (Hehe, that would be
funny.)  Rather, I meant to suggest that any parsed language will
inevitably be slower than a direct API for simple queries, so we should
also provide such a simple API.  If the question is, can the language
completely and effectively replace Thrift for Cassandra, the answer is
Yes.  AFAICT, anyway.

>> Long answer: Query languages only work reliably when you have data
>> binding assistance (insert "Bobby Tables" xkcd here).  However, they
>> do
>> have the wonderful property of evolving aggressively without requiring
>> upgrades of the driver plumbing.  This is, of course, emphatically
>> *not*
>> true of anything like the current Thrift and Avro interfaces.  So
>> that's
>> why I say "Yes."  On the other hand, a very simple interface for very
>> simple queries has a lot of value, too; see, for example,
>> So that's why I think we will still want to bypass the full language
>> for minimum latency in some circumstances. 
> I'm also not sure I follow here either.  Do you mean simple for the
> application developer?  CQL-using code should be considerably simpler
> than the equivalent Thrift/Avro.

I'm not concerned about application-coding complexity problems with a
language, only about performance in the lowest of low-latency use cases.

> Thanks for the feedback!

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