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From "Amol Deshpande" <>
Subject another refactoring proposal
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:16:40 GMT

Would there be any objections to the following code refactoring ?

1. Create a CassandraServerExceptionFactory class that returns various
exceptions that can be thrown by StorageProxy instead of thrift
2. Create a CassandraServerConsistencyLevel enum that is used instead of
thrift/avro definitions by the StorageProxy, with appropriate
translation methods between the enums (and perhaps a startup check
function that makes sure they are identical in value).
3. Create an AbstractCassandraServer superclass that exposes methods
like readColumnFamily in a transport-independent manner.

1 & 2 will make 3 possible and it lot easier to plug in other
client-facing protocols.


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