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From Thomas Heller <>
Subject Secondary Index Operators
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2010 16:12:42 GMT

I was wondering what your plans are concerning secondary indexes and
supported operators?

I looked over the code and so far there is only EQ which of course is
the easiest since it just compares byte values and that will work for
(almost) everything. Most index operations will however require
de-serializing the data.

I chose msgpack binaries to store my data because it was the most
compact and it keeps basic type information intact (string, int,
floats, arrays, etc), but a msgpack int is not 4 bytes and wouldnt be
castable to a standard 4 byte int so for example a "simple less than"
wouldnt work.

Are there any plans on this topic or is it still open to discussion?


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