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From Robert Edmonds <>
Subject Re: Packaging Cassandra for Debian [was: Packaging Cassandra for Ubuntu]
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2010 01:38:39 GMT
On 2010-06-04, Eric Evans <> wrote:
> So, the bigger problem here would seem to be one of long-term support.
> In other words, trying to find common ground between release cycles.
> I am (have been) interested in uploading Cassandra to the Debian
> archives, so let's use that as an example:

as a debian developer and a cassandra user, i don't think it makes much
sense for cassandra to go into stable releases given its current rate of
development.  i also don't think cassandra is suited for volatile (or
even volatile-sloppy) or backports.

i think the best possible solution would be for cassandra to be
maintained as a release quality package in debian unstable, with all
external java dependencies packaged separately and available in debian
unstable as well, but the cassandra package itself should be prevented
from migrating to testing and kept out of stable.

this would allow users to maintain debian stable installations, but pull
in cassandra and its dependencies from unstable using package pinning.
i think this would avoid the problem where, in order to create a stable
backport, you also need to create backports for each of the java
dependencies that are too old or don't exist in the stable distribution.
(this assumes that there aren't radical changes to the java packaging
policy that makes installing java packages from unstable on stable

if at some point in the future cassandra development slows down to the
point where it would make sense to have a cassandra package in debian
stable you could simply allow the package to migrate to testing.

Robert Edmonds

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