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From Peter Schuller <>
Subject Re: Packaging Cassandra for Debian [was: Packaging Cassandra for Ubuntu]
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2010 19:38:12 GMT
(To be clear: I'm not a cassandra developer, nor have I yet used
Cassandra in a real production setting - though I'm hoping to...)

> I'm curious what others think:

My estimation is that Cassandra is not a "apt-get install and forget"
type of software yet. If you're going to use cassandra, you are most
likely going to want to spend some serious time reading up on it and
carefully configure, monitor and operate it.

For that reason, I think the benefit of getting cassandra into Debian
stable or Ubuntu is of limited importance to users with a serious

However, it *is* extremely practical to have software in nicely
packaged form. I would like to suggest that if packaging is do be a
higher priority for Cassandra, that it might be more useful to provide
pre-built .deb packages (possibly in the form of an apt repository)
that people can add to the sources.list. Combine that with clear
instructions on pinning (in the latter case of apt repositories) and
users have a very convenient way of installing and upgrading

At the same time, the Cassandra developers would save, I suspect,
significant effort involved in trying to remain long-term compatible
and giving support to users running very old releases who cannot
legitimately be told "upgrade to the latest version" after having been
fed Cassandra from e.g. Debian stable. In contrast, remaining
compatible with Debian stable (i.e., building .deb:s for new versions
of Cassandra on old versions of Debian/Ubuntu) is likely not a big
deal at all given the lack of native dependencies; it also means that
you need not solve, as a pre-requisite, things like the lack of a
separately packaged thrift or other dependencies.

In short, I would suggest something as along the above lines as an
easer-to-accomplish goal for the Cassandra developers, yet providing
high payoff to users.

/ Peter Schuller

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