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From gabriele renzi <>
Subject Re: admin web UI
Date Thu, 06 May 2010 15:35:16 GMT
On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 2:50 PM, Gary Dusbabek <> wrote:
> If there is enough interest in having this in trunk, I suggest this approach:
> 1) Make the changes, except modify it so that the
> adapter will only spin up if one of the mx4j classes is found in the
> classpath.

In my very modest opinion, this is still clumsy (shouldn't we add this
to CassandraDaemon in .avro too?)
I believe it would be nice to have a stanza in the configuration where
we just list implementations of a CassandraDaemon interface
(start,stop,configure,destroy), try to load and start them if
possible, report an error and continue otherwise.

This way avro, thrift, other RPC implementations _and_ other services
like this could be started/stopped if found in classpath and specified
by the user without messing with the existing code, and they could
easily go into a contrib.

> From an operations standpoint, I don't think that many large cluster
> users (who probably already have Real Management Tools at their
> disposal) will be interested in this since it adds more moving parts,
> requires additional resources, etc.  But from the standpoint of
> small-cluster management, I see some utility in this.

also, mostly because of annoying interactions between jmx/rmi &
firewalls, gathering statistics with a cronjob that pulls data over
http may sometimes be more convenient.

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