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From Emmanuel Pastor Velasquez <>
Subject Cassandra Demo Application.
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 19:11:44 GMT

My name is Emmanuel Pastor, I am a student from Mexico who has worked as a
web developer while going to the university for the past 5 years and I am
participating on this year's Google Summer of Code.

First of all, I want to say I am big fan of what you guys do at the apache
foundation, thanks to you I chose Computer engineering as my career, (The
very first memory I have on the matter is playing around with the apache web
server, trying to set up a simple website locally, at my old 333mhz acer
computer). So it is with big respect that I'd like to say thanks for all the
good work you guys have done over the years, believe me when I say it is
very much appreciated.

Since I first saw that apache foundation was listed as one of the
organizations at GSoC I immedialty became very interested since I have been
wanting to give back something to the open source community, specially the
apache foundation, (from the apache http server, tomcat, jakarta, Maven
Subversion (YES!, thanks a LOT for subversion!), and I noticed there is a
project that might be perfect for me, which is issue #873: "Create a
Cassandra Demo Application", I have been playing with Cassandra lately, and
I am VERY impressed, I think it will change the way that Databases are seen,
and I would be extremely grateful if I could be part of this project.

Here's the abstract of my proposal:

In today’s world, social networks are at the center of the universe,
> everybody knows them, everybody uses them, and everybody cares about them.
> If we want to demonstrate an outstanding technology, which on top of that is
> used right now mostly on social networks, then in my opinion we should do it
> with a social network, a social network built only to demonstrate how good
> this technology works, and how does it solve a lot of common problems that
> we developers have to face every day with old database technologies, being
> RDBMS the most popular.
> I would like to build a very graphical geo-social network that uses
> Cassandra on the backend, the keys to succeed with an application that
> should demonstrate an extremely reliable, always available, blazing fast
> with no point of failure technology, are in my opinion: dynamism, speed and
> huge amount of traffic being translated into a lot of database reads and
> writes. I firmly believe we can achieve all of these with the proposal I am
> about to describe.

I am attaching to this email my project proposal, any comments or feedback
will be extremley appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.


P.S. I am not sure if this is the correct mailing list that I should use to
share my proposal, if it is not, then I am very sorry, please disregard this
email and accept my sincere apologies.

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