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From Gary Dusbabek <>
Subject Re: Google SoC 2010
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:16:22 GMT
On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 08:03, Pablo Cuadrado <> wrote:
> This is a great date to start thinking around, from April's 1st to 5th
> we have the easter holidays down here, so a lot of free time.
> Please tell me if some kind of "formal" application is needed, I will
> evaluate the needs, goals, possible solutions (servlet, REST,
> whatsoever) and try to deliver a rough (I couldn't stress ROUGH
> enough...) roadmap thinking on the final deliverable desired.

I believe the Apache Foundation is already listed as a mentoring
organization (I can't find a list anywhere though), so I think you
just need to submit an application to gsoc.

I've never participated as a student or mentor, so this is new
territory for me.  I can't speak for other devs, but I would be happy
to look at your proposal before it goes to google and offer feedback.

> Also, just wondering: is the simulator reliable? for monitoring
> testing purposes... anyway, I'm just jumping waaaay ahead...

There was something submitted to a jira ticket a few months ago along
this line, but it never made it into contrib and hasn't progressed
afaik.  I wouldn't go that route.  It is pretty simple to bring up a
test cluster on a dev machine anyway.


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