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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject the release after 0.5
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 20:06:22 GMT
In the month since 0.5 was branched, we've already made some
significant progress, particularly in performance.  I can't find a way
to easily link the full list in Jira, but these include

  408+669 (mmapping sstables for reads instead of using buffered I/O):
~50% speed improvement
  658 (better write concurrency): ~1000% improvement when cluster is
in degraded state
  675 (faster communication between nodes): ~100% improvement of reads
and writes
  678 (row level caching): up to 120% improvement of reads (workload dependent)

We also have some other interesting tickets done:
  336: add the ability to insert data to multiple rows at once -- like
multiget, but for writes
  535: expose StorageProxy to use as a fat client (with
  599: give some visibility of what Compaction is busy doing (can be a
major source of "why is it slow?")

We have a lot of other issues tagged 0.9
but the above issues and the others done so far are already useful
enough to release, both because it helps our existing users of 0.5
[note that none of these introduce compatibility issues of any sort,
which makes upgrading especially easy], and because improving
performance by that much makes us look better, which helps grow the
community. :)

On the other hand, creating and stabilizing and testing a new release
(that is not bugfix-only) is a non-negligible amount of overhead, and
I would give extra weight to Eric Evans's opinion here as release


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