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From Jaakko <>
Subject Re: moving & pending ranges & repair
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:39:19 GMT
>>> We sleep long enough when gossiping pending ranges before starting to
>>> move data that we're safe from micropartitions.
>> Hmm... I don't think we sleep at all at that time. Once we get load
>> info, we gossip pending ranges and start to move data immediately.
> You're right.  That's a bug IMO.

This makes things significantly clearer to me :-) This is exactly the
reason why I was reluctant to release beta, as I felt pending ranges &
simultaneous bootstrap are too unreliable. I created #575 and
submitted a patch (sleep for RING_DELAY between gossip & bootstrap).
With this included, I think most of the things I had doubts about in
bootstrap will be gone.

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