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From Jonathan Ellis <>
Subject 0.3 release process, again
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 15:04:13 GMT
Ant's points over on incubator general.

> - there must be a source distribution
> - the artifact names must include "-incubating"
> - the distributions must be signed

The confusion here is, I thought we were supposed to get release
approval first, _then_ create and sign the official tarballs.  ("ant
release" does a source tarball too, and names things correctly.)

(I note that is
amazingly unhelpful as a howto.)

> - the distributions must include the Incubator disclaimer text

What is that text? says

"TODO: the incubator requires that users are informed that the by
including a standard disclaimer. may be include in README,
RELEASE_NOTES DISCLAIMER. It is recommended that it is not included in

which nowhere links the actual "standard disclaimer."  Hell, it's
barely intelligible. :)

> - the NOTICE file at the top of the distributions must start with:
>    Apache Cassandra
>    Copyright 2009 The Apache Software Foundation

Okay; the top google hits all used the more generic "This product
includes software developed by The Apache Software Foundation
(" but we can do that.


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